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Speaking from one former self-rep to another……

Before I became a lawyer, I assumed that a person can simply come to court, tell her story to the judge, and all will go well from there. I was wrong. There is a lot more to presenting your case than just telling your story.

If you are involved in a lawsuit, it is worthwhile to educate yourself as to the rules that govern litigation. Understanding the basics of the court process helps you become better prepared for your case.

General  Consultation

Fee: $25 for each half hour

(This consultation is available during the week, and does not require 2 weeks notice.)

If you have a problem and need some general information to help you make a decision on who to talk to (lawyer, mediator, accountant) or where to go  (speciality clinics, community support centres, support groups), this consultation is for you.

Keep in mind that this consultation is for legal education/information only. I will not be applying the law to your case, or providing legal advice as to how you should proceed.

General legal education sessions can include the following topics. Before we meet, you can tell me which topic you’d like to learn about.

  • Overview of all the steps in a lawsuit
  • What are the general steps in a motion, and how motions are different from trials
  • What does “discovery” mean and what to expect
  • How to find the right lawyer or other forms of legal services for your case (besides using Google or the Law Society’s Referral Service)
  • The general steps in a trial
  • What are some of the most basic things you must know about presenting your case (motions are different from trials)
  • What are the different types of legal documents, the purpose behind these documents
  • What is the difference between a legal argument versus just any common sense argument
  • How to do your own legal research on the freely available database CanLII (without referring to your own situation).
  • What self-represented litigants should be wary of in particular

Legal Advice Consultations

Fee: $175/hour for a minimum of one hour session. More time can be booked according to your needs. Packages are also available here:

This consultation is for those who would like legal advice on their specific situation. I will be giving you advice based on what you tell me about your circumstances. I can help you understand court procedures, guide you in doing your own legal research based on your situation, or help you in composing your legal documents for court. I also offer pre-litigation consultations, where I explain what out-of-court solutions there are for you.

(Please note that I can only assist in civil litigation matters, excluding family and estate law.)

Legal Education Private Tutorials (Information only)

(1)  Overview of the Court Process  (Ontario Superior Court only)

Duration: 2  hours

Fee: $150

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to a summary of the entire process, beginning with pleadings, the various procedures and deadlines that occur before trial, trial itself and enforcement, and a very brief introduction to what appeals involve.

You will learn the following:

-the fundamental concepts behind the “common law” system

-how to access court forms and rules of procedure

-samples of completed documents

-explanation of the concepts behind each step of procedure

-common risks of litigation, including costs consequences related to offers to settle

-what available legal service options there are for self-represented litigants, including limited scope or discrete task services

-alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration.

(2) Legal Research

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: $75

This session will introduce you to the basics of legal research. You will be guided on how to use the  free database CanLII, how to use “Boolean” operators to conduct a more efficient search. A brief discussion on the concept of “common law” will also be included. We will go through in detail how to read judge’s decisions, as well as how case law is applied in real cases.



Email:  hh (at) for further information.