Ernst versus EnCana

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I was just listening to Jessica Ernst’s interview on CBC this morning, and I must say that I was so moved by her story. Ms. Ernst is suing EnCana (and various other co-defendants) for contamination of ground water as a result of fracking.  This is certainly a David versus Goliath case. Imagine being an individual landowner, suing a mega corporation like EnCana. While she has counsel (Murray Klippenstein), this has definitely not been an easy journey. She spoke of the personal attacks and lack of community support she has endured during the litigation. She spoke of her financial hardships.  She has refused to settle on principle. EnCana is contaminating water that belongs to everyone.  She admits quite candidly that she did not choose to be in the public eye, that being on radio interviews has been a major stress. Yet, she does it anyway, because, it is the right thing to do.

I think it’s really hard to explain to people sometimes, why one persists in litigation. Sometimes, people think litigants are just very stubborn, or they’re trouble-makers. They should just let things go. People find it hard to understand where all the energy and motivation come from, the strong urge to right a wrong. However, in this case, Jessica’s message came through loud and clear: this is a case that needs to be out in the open. This is a case that needs proper adjudication by the courts.  I want to thank Jessica for being so incredibly courageous and persistent. I will be following closely in her Supreme Court Appeal in January 2016.

For more information on her story, please visit:

Jessica Ernst’s Story

I strongly recommend you to listen to her interview, please click here:
CBC Interview


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