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Lovely mug from the Social Justice and Equity Class at Etobicoke School of the Arts!

My colleagues and I strongly believe in bringing the law to the people. We don’t believe that the law should be shrouded in mystery. We believe it makes for a better society if we all knew more about how our legal system works.

Many of us grew up assuming that the court room is the default mechanism to resolve disputes. Whenever we have a legal problem, we seek out lawyers and expect that we have no choice but to undergo litigation.

Actually, there are many other options! My colleagues, Mick Hassell,  Sina Hariri, and I give talks at high schools to educate young people on out-of-court options. We also offer other related topics that may be of interest to high school students, such as what a career in law is all about.

This year, we are delighted to be speaking at the following schools:

Etobicoke School of the Arts

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute

Woodlands School, Mississauga

Please feel free to contact Heather for more information:


 1. Litigation-Mediation-Negotiation

Speakers: Sina Hariri, Heather Hui-Litwin

We’ve all seen the courtroom TV dramas. While they can be exciting in theory, there’s a lot to the process that is left behind. This presentation (approximately 1 hour), will explore the litigation mindset and philosophy, followed by a comparison with the mediation/collaborative philosophy and mindset. There are benefits and drawbacks to both processes. Finally, some of the tips and tricks for negotiation that lawyers use everyday will be explored, which can be applied to everyday situations!

2. Careers in Law

Speakers: Mick Hassell, Sina Hariri, Heather Hui-Litwin 

Thinking of becoming a lawyer? Want to know what the process is? This presentation takes you through the process: from completing your undergrad, writing the LSAT, applying for law schools, some tips for surviving law school, Bar Exams, and articling experiences. Also briefly learn about different areas of the law, including criminal law, family law, real estate, estates, civil. 

3. View from the Other Side of the Desk

Heather was a party to a lawsuit before becoming a lawyer. She and her husband represented themselves for parts of the lawsuit, as legal fees were spiralling out of control. She experienced first hand the challenges of being a self-represented litigant. She is devoting her practice to help those who are forced to represent themselves out of economic reasons. In this talk, she will talk about some of the surprising lessons she learned along her journey, and how her views of the justice system changed as she undergoes her transformation from being a lay litigant to a lawyer.

4. Specialized topics

Our speakers are available to tailor their talks to your needs. Please contact Heather at hh@litigation-help.com

All talks are given on a pro bono basis.