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A Note to All Litigants

Litigation should be the last resort.  Please consider all other alternatives, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, ombudsman services etc. before engaging in litigation.  I will gladly help you explore alternatives to litigation.

I have included in this website the sources I have found useful.   I hope that this will be helpful for you as a starting point.  If there are other topics you would like to see included in this page, please feel free to email me (see Contacts page).

Please be advised that the resources listed on this website are not everything you will need. You may well need to consult additional resources, depending on your case. Furthermore, this website is intended as general legal information only.  The information may or may not apply to your case. Your usage of this information does not mean that I am your lawyer. For advice specific to your situation, please consult with a lawyer.


Are there any additional legal information or guides you would like to see posted? Please feel free to email me at !