Court Websites

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Please be advised that the resources listed on this website are not everything you will need. You may well need to consult additional resources, depending on your case. Furthermore, this website is intended as general legal information only.  The information may or may not apply to your case. Your usage of this information does not mean that I am your lawyer. For advice specific to your situation, please consult with a lawyer.


Hearings Lists

A new website has been set up for anyone to look at hearings lists (dockets) for the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. The website is titled “Daily Court Lists”, and can be accessed through this link:

You can search by courthouse the list of hearings that are scheduled for the next day. The lists are updated every day at 4:30pm.


Court forms

Ontario Court Services

     You can download various court form templates here. For examples of what completed forms look like, consult L. Olivo’s book under my Good Books page.

Court Guides

Consult “The Guide Concerning Best Practices for Civil Actions, Applications and Motions in the Toronto Region”, which explains the details on court practice, such as what the documents are required, what steps must be taken (eg. confirmation), and more.


Lights at Osgoode Hall