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Many litigants, especially those who are representing themselves,  feel very lonely. They often do not know others who are in the same boat. Due to confidentiality reasons, many are reluctant to share their experience with others, and as a result, they suffer in silence.

If you are a litigant, I wonder if you could contribute a short paragraph or two here (no more than 250 words), as a way of giving support to other litigants.    You could write a few words which helped you navigate the court process. You could talk about what services you found most useful and helpful. You could write some words of encouragement.   Feel free to ask others who feel they might want to contribute on the blog.  You can use your name, or you can remain anonymous. 

Please send in your comments to 

As for my part, I have organized a number of webpages to help litigants. I’ve been accumulating a Library of resources,  and “Marketplace” litigants can learn about other professionals, such as paralegals and mediators, who may be of invaluable assistance to them with their matters.

Thank you for your support!

4 Responses to Self-Rep Meeting Place

  1. Mike & Karen Quigley

    At a time when we were needing some direction, and were involved in an issue that requires legal assistance, this group relieved the pit of despair we felt due to lack of experience. Out of nowhere you have this group (Mick Hassell and the Self-Rep Navigators) that assists in navigating in a cost-effective, meaningful way. It was unbelievable to find people with compassionate, warm hearts, as well as the expertise to point us in the right direction, to assist in navigating through the black hole. We think the world of these people who devoted their time, energy and efforts to people they had never met, to provide direction in a system that is so weighted against those that choose to self-litigate. This levels the playing field.

    We feel absolutely honoured to take the time to acknowledge and recognize the individuals that work in this exclusive field, when you are feeling totally disenfranchised in a system that is disabling for the average individual.

  2. Anonymous

    I am writing to express my appreciation for the work of this group and, in particular, the work of Heather Hui-Litwin, a passionate advocate for helping people access justice. Heather is a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer who has taken the time to develop educational materials and information to enhance understanding and confidence in the legal process. This work is so important in that it focuses on the needs of the clients in an empowering, respectful and fair manner.

    The Self-Rep Navigators have an admirable mission providing expertise and support to individuals at times when they need a trusted person to help them in their journey navigating the complex, expensive and often inaccessible legal system. Their approach addresses a gap in the current legal system and is an excellent option for those seeking to better understand legal process and/or for those seeking advice to assist with legal issues.

  3. For Charter issues – or potential Charter issues is a fantastic resource. DoJ internal tool just made public.

    Re: Rules of Procedure – Learn and use Offers of Settlement in relation to costs. To find applicable caselaw look for articles on lawyer websites – some very good.

    In whatever area of law, read and know the Statute/regulations. Pay attention to processes in the statute – they can be a lifesaver.

    Use Twitter to find ppl with similar interests/cases. Helped when I needed to prove National Interest as quickly had numerous studies & reports.

    Keep your chin up.

  4. roger wright

    I trust Heather!