Tips for law school

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In our 2017 session, we were very fortunate to have Ms. Ruchi Punjabi as our guest speaker for this session. Ruchi did her articles at a legal clinic. She graduated with a dual J.D. from U.Windsor and U. of Detroit Mercy. She spoke to us about her experience at law school. She shared her tips on how to succeed in getting into law school, as well as excelling at law studies. The students had a wonderfully thorough list of questions for her this evening. We are immensely grateful to her for spending so much time with us this session.  Thank you, Ruchi!

This year, we will be inviting a different guest speaker. Stay tuned!

In addition to our session, here is a short Power Point on some of the tips that I’ve learned from my own experience and from other lawyers. You can download the presentation here: Session 4 Tips for Law School