Who’s Who in the Legal System

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Friday, February 16, 2018

1:00-2:45 pm


Barbara Frum Library

20 Covington Rd. Toronto


Many litigants or people who become involved in court do not realize that in addition to lawyers, there are many other professionals who may be very helpful to their matters. One example is a “process server”, a person who delivers or “serves” court papers. Another are court reporting services, where one holds “out of court” examinations in preparation for trial. In this talk, I will explain who the various professionals are, such as mediators, paralegals, etc. and what they do. I am thrilled to announce that Karim Bhaloo (paralegal), Laura Tarcea (mediator) and Gregg Fenten (mediator) will appear as  guest speakers.


For more information please call Barbara Frum Branch at 416-395-5440 or contact Heather at heather@litigation-help.com

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